Real Estate

Work from Iceland advices on location, neighbourhood, pricing financing and all legal requirements. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, from house hunting to closing the deal - we're here for you!

Image by Daniele Buso

Here are some of the steps we'll take you through when purchasing property in Iceland. Our pricing depends on the extent of services you require. Scroll down for information about renting.

Initial Consultation

We'll meet remotely, get to know each other a little bit, lay out some basic requirements and a budget. During the meeting we'll show you a few properties and then we'll go house hunting!


House Hunting

We will visit properties you'd like to take a better look at. Take videos and photos and gather information. We'll then share this with you, along with our honest opinion of location, pricing and general condition. If you're in Iceland we'll obviously do this together. 


Offer & Financing

When we've found the home you want to buy we'll advise on a fair offer based on current market conditions and get you in touch with a local bank to help finance the deal should you need or want. We'll also help with all the little things you need to be able to seal the deal like a license to buy property, a local social security number and other paperwork hurdles we're well versed in. 


Settling in

We can help you with settling in, get you in touch with decorators, painters and advise on local furniture shopping. We'll help with connecting all amenities like water, electricity and wi-fi and anything else you need to make your new home feel like home. 


As with buying we'll help with location, neighbourhood, pricing and whatever else you may need. We'll make sure that you have all the amenities important to you set up and ready to go by your arrival. 


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