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Work From Iceland, the origin story

The founders of Work From Iceland and its staff all work together at the LGBT+ focused travel agency and wedding planning company Pink Iceland. By mid-march pretty much all our guests had cancelled or postponed their travel and/or weddings in Iceland due to the coronavirus. This rather surprising turn of events left us with plenty of time to clean the office, perfect our work processes, update our websites and come up with new and exciting ideas for the future! At the time we were in the process of helping one of our American clients buy a condo in downtown Reykjavik and helping another couple from the US plan a 3 month live/work holiday in Iceland from July through September. These were by no means the the first people we helped relocate, temporarily or otherwise to Iceland and an idea was born!

Having been through the process of relocating our former clients to Iceland a few times and being absolute armchair experts on every nook and cranny of Iceland, its towns, communities and possibilities we decided to offer the service of helping foreign nationals relocate to Iceland be it temporarily or more long-term.

So, after the initial shock we decided to put our time to good use. Iceland never went into lockdown and the outbreak here was handled well enough for all of us to go work, where we came up with idea after idea about what we could do to help us stay afloat and happy at the same time. What kind of product or service could we come up with where we could honour our values of equality, respect and honesty? What could we come up with that would link us to other human beings around the world like we do under usual circumstances?

It was during one of our brainstorming sessions that one of our team members had to leave to go sign papers on behalf of the aforementioned client who was purchasing a condo less than a minute's walk from the office. Once that staff member returned the rest of the team had all but fully formed the idea for Work From Iceland!

But why now? Well, the world has changed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We all want to feel safe and a lot of us are ready for a change of pace. Even amongst ourselves we have a staff member who escapes to warmer climes for 2-5 months a year, working poolside from a hotel in Thailand or from a villa in Costa Rica.

Iceland is, by all accounts, one of the safest places in the world to visit and spend time in and we're here to help.


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